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The Tracker is a new story from bestselling author Saxon Andrew. In the distant future humanity has spread out into the galaxy colonizing tens of thousands of planets. Over the hundred thousand years the galaxy was colonized, humans changed physically as they evolved to live on the planets they chose to colonize. The galaxy is at peace with a galactic government called the Unity uniting all the thousands of human planets into one political entity. The peace is an uneasy one at best between the Unity and the alien civilizations that share the Milky Way with it, and war has been avoided for more than three thousand years.
Zee Rowe is known in secret circles as the Tracker. No one can match his skills at finding missing people or lost objects. He is approached to find a Princess that has gone missing from the Cradle Civilization. His mission is to find her and return her safely to the Queen. It initially seemed like a simple enough task, but it didn’t take long for the mission to blow up in his face. Others are also searching for the missing Princess and are determined to make sure she never returns to the Cradle. If they succeed in removing the Princess, then the three-thousand-year peace will be in great jeopardy and a galactic war will be inevitable. The extinction of mankind is a real possibility if that war breaks out.
The twists and turns that happen in the Tracker will keep you turning pages to see what’s going to happen next. Saxon Andrew has written a real thriller and will hold your attention until the last page.

Excerpt from The Tracker;

“Vector the other ships ahead of that ship’s course and have them spread out. Don’t lose it!” Karelle lifted her communicator and said, “Mr. Rowe, I have seventeen additional warships cutting off your escape. It doesn’t have to end this way; simply give me the princess and we can go on our separate ways.”
Zee smiled, “You’ll forgive me for not believing you. You’ve demonstrated you aren’t capable of keeping an agreement.”
“Surely we can work this out.”
Zee paused and said, “What are you suggesting?”
“Well, I need the princess to uhhh…disappear.”
“You mean you want her dead!”
“Those words sound so harsh.”
“But that is what you want, isn’t it?”
“What if I added some funds to our agreement to make that happen. You’re a business man and there’s a good bonus if you will.”
“How much?” Zee asked while staring at Cerelle. Cerelle’s eyes flew wide open.
“I will add an additional fifty million credits to your remaining fee.”
“And you will direct deposit it immediately?”
Zee looked at Cerelle and said, “Deposit the funds.”
Karelle turned to her console and transferred the funds. She looked up at Zee and said, “The funds are in your account. Bring me the princess.”
“You don’t listen very well; I will not be moving in range of your weapons.”
“I’ll need proof that you’ve removed her!”
Zee picked up a blaster and activated his helmet. It covered his head and he said, “Activate the video feed on this frequency, Fin.” Karelle appeared on his monitor and he said, “I’m removing the device the princess has been using to block her thoughts.”
Karelle looked at Zee and said, “Do it!”

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