Top rated Sunrise Alarm Clock, Te-Rich Wake Up Light with FM Radio/Dual Alarm/7 Nature Sounds & Light Colors/Snooze/20 Brightness, Sleep Aid Lamp Dawn Simulator for Heavy Sleepers/Kids/Teen Girls Boys Bedrooms


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Product Description

Who Can Benefit From Sunrise Alarm Clocks?

People having a hard time waking up in the dark or during seasons with late morning sunshine.
For working individuals who need to wake up at a specific time.
For people suffering from sleep and behavioral effects brought by changes in season or daylight hours.
For those who suffer from sleep inertia or lack of energy and motivation upon waking up.
And for people who have existing health conditions where loud alarm clocks and abrupt methods of waking up are inappropriate.


alarm clock with lights sunrise alarm clockalarm clock with lights sunrise alarm clock

Here are some of the main benefits of using a wake up light compared to a traditional alarm clock:

Wake up more naturally
Get out of bed quicker
Easier to wake up in winter and dark mornings
Helps regulate your sleep and wake hormones

alarm clocks for bedroomsalarm clocks for bedrooms


alarm clock lightalarm clock light

alarm clock radioalarm clock radio

kids alarm clockkids alarm clock

Dual Alarms for Heavy Sleepers

The Te-Rich light alarm clock features two separate alarm systems, so you can wake up on weekdays and weekends at different times. When shopping for a wake-up light, choose one with a back-up alarm. If you’re a heavy sleeper, this will ensure you wake up even if the light doesn’t rouse you.

Wake Up More Pleasantly

If you’re not a fan of loud alarms, or you struggle to get up when it’s still dark outside, waking up with light gently filling the room and soft natrual sounds can help you start the day a more peaceful way. At your set wake up time natural sound will play to complete the wake up experience and ensure you are awake.

Unwind with 3 Relaxing Sounds

Wind down gradually with a sunset feature lasting 10-120 minutes. Fading light is a signal for the body to produce melatonin ready for sleep, so the sunset makes you naturally drowsy. Realistic lighting fades through pink, orange, red then turns off or stays at a soft glow if you set the nightlight feature.

glow alarm clockglow alarm clock

daylight alarm clockdaylight alarm clock

alarm clock for bedroomalarm clock for bedroom

5V/2A USB Charging Port

The alarm clock radio has an USB output – There may be limited power outlets in your room so it’s was good to know that you don’t have to sacrifice one of them for this. You can still have your phone charged form the USB slot.

Catch Some Extra Zs

You can get an extra nine minutes of sleep by simply touching the snooze button on rim of the alarm. After 9 minutes, the music gradually plays again, rising in volume until it reaches the preset level(snooze can be repeated up to 5 times).

Outlet Powered/Backup Battery

The main source is the Micro USB power cord plugged into the back. The internal battery is only to save the alarms and radio stations settings in case of power loss. If you unplug the power cord, the sunlight alarm clock will go completely blank, no lights and no sounds.

best alarm clock kids teen alarm clockbest alarm clock kids teen alarm clock

⏰【DUAL ALARM AND SNOOZE FUNCTION】 – The sunrise alarm clock sports two separate alarm systems, so you can wake up on weekends and weekdays at different times; there’s an easily-accessible snooze button in case it’s still not time to get up, which gives you an extra 9 minutes of sleep; the music plays again after 9 minutes(up to 5 times), rising in volume until reaching the preset level; if you’re a heavy sleeper, the alarm feature will ensure you wake up even if the light doesn’t rouse you
⏰【BEDSIDE LAMP WITH DIMMABLE TIME DISPLAY】 – The sunrise lamp has 7 different colors and 20 incremental brightness settings, giving you plenty of options to customize your alarm, the 200 lux maximum light intensity ensures you wake up in the morning; the time display can be switched between 12h and 24h format, the clock display is also dimmable or you can turn it off completely(3 modes: High/Auto/Off); the built-in battery ensures time settings be saved regardless of a momentary power outage
⏰【7 NATURAL SOUNDS AND FM RADIO】 – Set the alarm clock for bedrooms to wake up with your favorite FM music or one of the 7 nature sounds which include gentle piano and seaside sounds on 16 volume levels; the digital clock lamp supports manual/auto radio channel searching, which can be done within a minute; it will automatically save the radio channels to your play list; waking up with light gently filling the room and your favorite tunes can help you start the day on a more positive note
⏰【ELEGENT LIGHT ALARM WITH USB OUTPUT】 – The sunlight alarm clock matches your bedrooms interior styling seamlessly without being intrusive thanks to its contemporary design, and illuminates your space with even, flicker-free light with advanced LED technology; the nightlight also has a 5V/2A USB slot which can be helpful while there’s no enough charging port for your phones; What You Get: 1 x Te-Rich Wake-up Light Alarm Clock, 4 x Stand, 1 x micro USB cable, 1 x Wall adapter, 1 x User manual

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