Top rated [Official Made for Google] Wasserstein Adjustable Stand Compatible with Google Nest Hub – Perfect Companion for Your Nest Hub (Grey)


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Product Description



Versatile Angle Stand Compatible with Google Nest Home Hub

Our Made for Google-certified Angle Stand allows you to position your Google Nest Home Hub to your desired viewing angle. Its exclusive design will make your device both elegant and functional.

✔ Made for Google certified

✔ 30-degrees viewing angle

✔ Does not interfere with speakers

✔ No drilling required for smooth surfaces

✔ Hassle-free installation in minutes


How It Works:

Place the Google Nest Home Hub on the stand, making sure it is fitted properly and securely. The open design ensures there will be no interference with the speaker’s sound quality.Adjust to your desired angle.





Simple Yet Functional

This sleek and sturdy stand makes it easy to adjust the angle of your Google Nest Home Hub’s screen. Its design leaves the speaker exposed for unaffected sound quality and easy access to your voice assistant.

Added Protection

Safely and securely holds your device in place. The stand prevents your Google Nest Home Hub from getting wet and its cloth-covered base from getting dirty.

Flexible Viewing Angle

The stand is adjustable up to 30 degrees, eliminating strains to view your screen and allowing adjustment of your Google Nest Home Hub to your desired viewing angle.

Convenient Everywhere

The Wasserstein Angle Stand can easily be moved from room to room, unlike other stand and angle mounts on the market which require permanent placement.


Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub Max

✔ THOUGHTFUL DESIGN – This stand can be easily adjusted to your desired viewing angle. The open design for the speaker ensures no interference in sound quality.
✔ CONVENIENT LOCATIONS – With its easy installation, you can place it in various locations around your home: shelves, study desks, kitchen cupboards, etc, for your viewing convenience.
✔ PACKAGE INCLUDES – It contains 1x Wasserstein Angle Stand, and 1x Manual.
✔ MADE FOR GOOGLE – Designed and manufactured by Google’s leading product partners. Passed the rigorous Made for Google certification process to ensure 100% compatibility with Google Nest Devices.

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