Top rated No More Lame Conference Calls: The 6 Principles You Need to Lead Great Meetings


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Unlock the Secrets of Leading Great Meetings
Conference calls, webinars, and video conferences all share a fundamental problem—they are all based upon trial and error. Now imagine the boost in productivity that you would experience if you had a proven system for consistently delivering effective face-to-face and virtual meetings throughout your organization. How much more confidence would you experience if you could quickly pinpoint where your meetings were going wrong and get them quickly back on track? How much more productive would your organization be?

The Lead Great Meetings series unlocks the secrets to conducting effective virtual meetings. Whether you are leading in a conference call, teleseminar, webinar, videoconference, or even a face-to-face-meeting, No More Lame Conference Calls gives you the tools you need to eliminate lame meetings in your organization.

Since 1998, our simple Six Principle Model has assisted both public and private sector leaders in leading more effective face-to-face and virtual meetings. The result in more engagement, more productivity, and increased commitment to the organization and its goals

If you are already a master at leading virtual meetings, No More Lame Conference Calls will provide additional insights that will enhance your skills. If you are new to leading virtual meetings, our leadership model reveals the secrets you need to lead great meetings that will produce outstanding results for you and your organization for years to come.

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