Top rated COULAX Wake Up Light LED Alarm Clock with Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Dual Alarm Clocks and Snooze Function 7 Colorful Atmosphere Lamp 7 Nature Sounds with FM Radio,Wood Grain Bedside Lamp Ideal Gift


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wake up lightwake up light

COULAX Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light

Is every morning a struggle to wake up? Are blaring alarms not working?

You may be able to hack your brain into waking up at the right time by changing the stimuli around you.

COULAX wake-up light is designed to simulate sunrise to gradually wake you up in the mornings naturally rather than abruptly with a loud noise.

It is a great way to regulate your body clock and help you wake up naturally in the mornings ready to tackle the day.

wake up lightwake up light

wake up lightwake up light

wake up lightwake up light

wake up lightwake up light

Alarm Clock

This is an alarm clock. There are 2 buttons for 2 different alarms. You can set a an alarm for workdays and set the other for weekends.

A Beside Lamp

This wake up light can use as a beside lamp if you like to read at night. You can also set the brightness of the light by using the buttons.

Atmosphere Lamp

This is also an atmosphere lamp with 7 different colours. You can relax yourself with these colourful lights. Ideal gift for all ages.

wake up lightwake up light

wake up lightwake up light

Sunset Simulation: The wake up light as a sleep aid will gradually dim from the brightness until it turns off completely in 10-120min, with three sounds (Rain sound , Cicadas sound of summer night and Water flowing sound) or a FM radio channel. Soothing music and soft lighting will make you more relax, quiet and help you fall sleep better.
Dual Alarms & Snooze Function: You can set 2 alarm clocks separately , one for you and other for your spouse, or one for weekdays and other for weekends. You can turn off anyone of the alarms, it will retain the original settings when you turn it on again.There is also a snooze function which gives you another 9 minutes (up to 5 times) to sleep until the clock ringing again.
7 Natural Sounds & 7 colors light: The light alarm clock can be used as an FM radio,and it owns with 7 natural sounds with 16 levels volume to meet different needs. 7 Colors atmosphere lamp can be switched automatically and manually, drive out the darkness, ease the mood, relax the atmosphere, night light, bedside lamp.
Personalized Settings: You can set 12-hours clock or 24-hours clock time display; There are 20 levels of brightness and you can choose a proper brightness level so that you will be wake up comfortably and naturally;there is a USB charging port behind this alarm clock which can charge your phone or other devices.

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