Top rated (2021) SAFETRACK Personal GPS Tracker – Mini, Portable, Track in Real Time – 4G LTE – with SOS Button – Locator Tracking Device – for Seniors, Kids, Cars, Vehicle, Travel (PrimeTracking)


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Product Description


Never worry or wonder again.

The Prime Tracker Mini GPS Location Tracker tells you exactly where your loved ones and valuable possessions are, and where they’ve been.

Ultra-compact, lightweight, discrete and durable, it slips easily into bags, backpacks, trunks, and pockets, keeping you instantly in the know with just a simple click on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Monitor your loved onesMonitor your loved ones

Confirm or eliminate  doubtsConfirm or eliminate  doubts

Stay connected with  valuablesStay connected with  valuables

And do it all virtually  undetectablyAnd do it all virtually  undetectably

Monitor your loved ones

Never wonder where your children or elderly loved ones or pets are. again. Check on them in real time. Or set a Geofence and get alerted if they cross it.

Confirm or eliminate doubts

Suspicious? It’s easy to find out if your concerns are warranted. Monitor your spouse and get the facts.

Stay connected with valuables

Keep tabs on your luggage, backpacks, work supplies and handbags. Leaving things behind no longer means losing them forever.

And do it all virtually undetectably

Be in the know without anyone knowing. At just 3 inches tall and less than a half inch wide. The Prime Tracker Mini is easy to conceal. Monitor it remotely without any indicating signals or sounds.

Personal GPS TrackerPersonal GPS Tracker

Monitor with ease and confidenceMonitor with ease and confidence

Geofencing set ups and alertsGeofencing set ups and alerts

Real-time tracking using Google MapsReal-time tracking using Google Maps

Detailed activity, location change alerts and route historyDetailed activity, location change alerts and route history

Geofencing set ups and alerts

It’s easy to set up and schedule a geofence and get instant alerts via text, push notification, or email anytime the tracker enters or leaves the area you’ve defined. You’ll know the moment your loved one goes beyond the “safe” zone.

Real-time tracking using Google Maps

Satellite-enabled Google Maps makes it easy to view locations, addresses, and routes right in

the app.

Detailed activity, location change alerts and route history

Know if someone is driving too fast, or recklessly. Get unsafe driving alerts for speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, even rough cornering.

Monitor your loved onesMonitor your loved ones

✅ PUT IT ANYWHERE: The tiny, lightweight Prime Tracking GPS fits and conceals easily in strollers, vehicles, backpacks or pockets. So small, it’s virtually undetectable.
✅ TRACK ANYWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA FROM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Easily and privately track any location in the U.S., Mexico and Canada from your computer, tablet, or phone. Works on multiple devices and networks, wherever there is cellular service.
✅ GET INFORMATION INSTANTLY: State-of-the-art 4G LTE technology means you get location, movement and direction information as it happens, updated every 10 seconds in our smartphone app or desktop interface.
✅ MONITOR AFFORDABLY: Just $25 /month, or $20 / month for 6 months. Cancel anytime, no contracts or activation fees. SIM Card INCLUDED.

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