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The best Yakuin Audio Video Capture Cards HDMI to USB 1080p USB2.0 Record via DSLR Camcorder Action Cam Support Camera, Computer, Mobile Phone, Set-Top Box, PS4 etc. top rated and best prices


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This USB 2.0 capture card can capture HDMI video and HDMI audio at the same time, and can transmit audio and video signals to a computer or smartphone for preview and storage. Suitable for high-definition acquisition, teaching recording, medical imaging, etc.

* Support maximum input resolution up to 4K;
* Support maximum output resolution up to 1080P;
* Support 8/10/12 bit color depth;
* When using standard AWG26 cable, input transmission distance up to 15 meters (1080P and below resolution);
* Support most acquisition software, such as VLC, OBS, Amcap, etc .;
* Support Windows, Android and MacOS;
* Comply with USB video UVC specifications;
* Complies with USB audio UAC specifications;
* No external power supply, compact size and easy to carry.

HDMI resolution: The highest input can support 4K
Video input format: 8/10 / 12-bit color depth
Video output mode: YUV, JPEG
Video output resolution: maximum output resolution 1080P
Support audio format: L-PCM
Input cable length: AWG26 HDMI standard cable
Maximum working current.: 0.4A / 5VDC
Dimensions: 64x28x13 (mm)

Package Including
HDMI capture card * 1
Manual * 1

HIGH DEFINITION 1080P 30fps – Video Capture – Supports input max resolution 3840×2160@30Hz, output max resolution 1920×1080@30Hz. Record high definition 30 fps videos directly in your hard drive with no delay. It also support 60fps on 720p.
COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS HDML SIGNAL INPUT : it can support HDMI signal input such as camera, conference camera, computer, mobile phone, set-top box, PS4 / XBOX game console, etc. The capture card is a fast, familiar and economical way to share content in conference rooms and online meetings. Connect to presentations without software, just connect to a laptop or tablet via HDMI to start sharing.
NO DRIVER REQUIRED: This capture card does not need to install a driver, so you can use the built-in functions of the current software to get a seamless experience. Because the device is compatible with most third-party software, it can be plug-and-play for Windows, for Ma OS X, and for Linux. The USB2.0 high-speed transmission port makes it easier for you to have real-time streaming for Twitch, for Youtube, for OBS, for Potplayer and for VLC.
Plug and Play:Support multiple operating systems multiple acquisition software options: win10 win8.1win8win7 server and other operating systems; OBS VLC Amcap and other acquisition software.No driver or external power supply, The game capture card is suitable for low-latency game, can meet the needs of the meeting. The small size capture card directly leads the USB cable to avoid unnecessary connect
EXCELLENT SERVICE : High quality Video Capture with a great price, you won’t get disappointed. We are responsible for our products and customers. If you have any problems with our product, please contact with us first, we will solve it for you within 24 hours

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