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The best The Ultimate Guide to the GoPro Hero 7: Video, Photo and Storytelling top rated and best prices


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The Ultimate Guide to the GoPro Hero 7

Learn how to use the GoPro Hero 7 Black!

Take incredible photos, shoot exciting videos and make great edits with this book!

The GoPro Hero7 Black is a revolutionary and super powerful camera. It features professional level resolution, high frame rates for extreme slow motion and buttery-smooth in-camera stabilization.

This book will fully explain each setting, mode and option . After reading it, you will fully understand how each setting effects the footage, and how to set up the camera for each unique situation. You will be given real life, in-the-field examples of when to use each setting and how to get the most amazing footage. Also featuring Pro-Tips from my years of action-sports production work that you can’t find in any other GoPro or filmmaking guide.

After you have mastered the mechanics of the camera, this book will teach you how to use it in the field with an in depth look into beginner and advanced mounting, story telling, editing and more. This book is also full of stunning, full-color motivating images taken by the Hero 7 Black.

This book is not a beginner’s guide to the GoPro. This book is the stepping stone from casual user to GoPro expert filmmaker or photographer.

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