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The best Sykik Rider CBR5.0 Dual 1080p Camera System with Wi-Fi and 3.0″ Waterproof Display top rated and best prices


Price: $189.95
(as of Sep 12,2020 13:57:48 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Thank you for considering Sykik CBR5.0 Duel camera system for motorcycles. This system is designed not only to record what is happening all around your motorcycle and power sports, but also provide a live view of your back to reduce blind spots. Designed for easy installation (about 30 minutes). Starts and stops with your ignition. Recording on a removable Micro SD cards can take up to 10 hours of recording before looping. With built-in “G” sensor, in case of an accident, will keep the corresponding video file of the accident in emergency mode, saves it from loop override.

Summer Promotional package

Get a free GPS tracker and multi function remote control with your purchase while supply last.


Main Unit

Fully waterproof unit can be installed anywhere on the bike, such as under your seat, inside your bags, on the fairing or on the handlebar. Includes a 3″ monitor to watch live cameras picture in picture, or any camera of your choosing. With our new advanced technology, you can watch your back in mirror mode, while the unit records in actual mode. High resolution LCD displays allows detailed images with exceptional contrast in colors. Our new powerful processor, records both cameras at 1080p Full HD on a single memory card. With maximum of 256 GB, allows up to 10 hours of recording from each camera, before looping starts. Loop recording can be shut off if desired to provide 15 minute videos. Wi-Fi wireless connection to your smart phone provides wireless monitoring cameras live, or access to the recorded files for play back and download.

Size: 4.5″ wide, 2.5″ High and 1″ deep


CBR5.0 Bullet cameras consists of highest quality parts available. Fully waterproof metal (Aluminum) casing with full glass lenses (German made). Uses camera sensors made by Sony of Japan, for high quality images. Record both your front and rear in full HD 1080p quality. Super wide 150 degree camera view covers what is in front, and back of your bike. Cameras can be rotated and tilted in the mounts (set of metal and a set of rubber included) so they can be mounted at any angle on your bike. Each camera provides 18″ long cord, with 8.5 feet long extension to cover ant bike or trike.

Size: 1″ diameter x 1.75″ long

Wired Remote ControlWired Remote Control


Camera MountsCamera Mounts

Remote Control

New optional wired remote control can preform multi functions. Not only you can lock any video file from loop over ride, but also turn sound recording on or off. Provided also ability to take still image pictures. By push of a button, the system will take a still image from front camera as well as rear.

GPS Tracker

Optional GPS tracker will provide your coordinates and feed to your recorder. When pay back of your videos, you can play back the moving location on a Google map side by side of the video.

Camera Mounts

New provided camera mounts, can tilt in place. Along with cameras rotating in the mounts, they can be placed at any angle anywhere on the bike.

Fully waterproof 3.0″ Monitor can be install anywhere on the bike, including on the handlebar.Capable of recording in actual mode while you watch your back in mirror mode
Waterproof compact bullet cameras with 150 degrees wide angle and Sony sensors
Wireless Wi-Fi connection to your Smart phone for live view or download. 10 hours of recording from each camera with 256GB micro SD card
Full one year parts and labor warranty by US manufacturer.

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