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The best Stealth 2 Sports Action Camera by Drift | Action Shot Camera Includes Universal Clip for use as POV Camera or Helmet Camera top rated and best prices


Price: $199.95
(as of Sep 10,2020 04:01:29 UTC – Details)

Drift is a leading active lifestyle focused technology company that is based out of the U.K. with local offices in North America; US, Canada, and Mexico. Our award winning cameras enable users to capture and share their most exciting moments from their point of view and other unique perspectives. Drift innovation is a UK based vetran in the manufacturing of sports action cameras. Drift Innovation supplies retailers with a global presence in over 40 countries. You can feel comfortable investing in your new Drift Innovation product with U.S. offices and English speaking technical support. Introducing our 8th generation drift camera, the Drift Stealth 2 Action Shot Camera. This innovative little camera is the lightest and smallest Drift camera yet. Its unique design allows you to capture your experiences in a whole new way. The stealth 2 films in 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second with its Aptina CMOS sensor producing crystal clear,high definition footage. This lightweight little camera is made easy to use and can travel anywhere. It only measures out to 80mm x 42mm x 27 mm and weighs only 97 gm. The sports action camera has a top quality 7-element lens that provides an optical view of 137 degrees. Our extreme camera no longer uses a digital narrow angle allowing objects to appear closer and sharper. The drift camera’s durability and flex gives it the right protection and support it requires for extreme use.. A versatile camera using the Drift universal clip, can be mounted and adjusted as a helmet camera or bike camera. The Aptina CMOS sensor produces crystal clear, high definition footage so it functions smoothly as a dash camera as well. The stealth 2 action shot camera’s rotatable lens, 3 hours recording time and aerodynamic design, makes this a highly advanced and unique POV camera. This extreme camera provides a whole new interaction and a whole new dimension to the way you experience your camera . Our Stealth 2 is the manifestation of a dynamic system deeply integrated with the utmost quality and precision. This is the next generation of action cameras. Backed by a full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

An extreme dual functioning camera that records at full HD 1080p 30FPS and lasts up to 3 hours of recording time. This action shot camera that is 40% percent lighter and is half the size of a normal digital camera.
A 137 degrees lens view provides the most accurate and the sharpest image capturing and this drift camera  is perfectly suited as a dash camera, and as a sports action camera.
Weather resistant, this little camera is engineered with the most bold and durable materials and will hold its own as an extreme camera mounted as a bike camera or as a helmet camera.
Includes a full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Drift Stealth 2 Sports Action Camera is enabled for Wi-Fi streaming
The 3hr battery life, rotatable lens and aerodynamic design make the Drift Stealth 2 a unique POV camera.

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