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The best Olloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit Includes Telephoto 2X + Fisheye + Macro15x – Compatible with iPhone 11 MAX Smartphone + Selfie Bluetooth Remote top rated and best prices


Price: $99.99
(as of Sep 09,2020 20:14:27 UTC – Details)

Capture and share all you experience on your next adventure!
olloclip has attracted a legion of passionate users in just a few years’ time. The company remains committed to finding new and exciting ways to enhance the mobile photography category and make capturing and sharing life’s experiences more fun and creative.

Front & Rear Camera Capabilities
A must for photographers, filmers and live broadcasters who demand more visibility from their iPhone’s front FaceTime camera and seamless versatile options on the rear camera. Capture everyone in the perfect selfie or simply show more of what’s around you.

Telephoto optical zoom
The 2x optical zoom lets you get closer to the subject and get a flat depth of the visual field. Ideal for portraits, this lens provides a very wide field of view, keeping the subject very distinct from the panorama.

Fisheye Lens
The Fisheye Lens spherically turns ordinary subjects into unique, captivating images. Creating the illusion of extreme depth, objects in the center appear exaggeratedly large while the background gracefully bends and stretches off into the distance. An expanded field of view of nearly 180° allows you to capture your world like never before. The creative options with this lens are as limitless as your imagination.

Macro Lens
Your Macro Lenses make it easy to take amazingly detailed, magnified photos. Designed for extreme close-ups, these lenses reveal intricate details undetectable to the naked human eye with ultra-sharp quality. Everyday objects such as wood, fabric, flowers, and insects become subjects for fascinating close-up photos. Shapes, colors, and textures come to life — you’ll be instantly swept up in the details.

Multi-element coated glass optics deliver premium image quality
Aligns with front and rear-facing cameras
Our patented lens system attaches and aligns instantly
Screen protector compatible

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