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The best Ho Stevie! Floaty Case + Screen Protectors for GoPro Hero 7, Hero 6, or Hero 5 [Choose Color] top rated and best prices


Price: $14.97
(as of Sep 09,2020 19:16:29 UTC – Details)

Protect your GoPro and video memories, with our Floating Case and Screen + Lens Protectors.

Don’t let your expensive GoPro fall to the bottom of the ocean, lake, river, pond, etc.

With our Floaty Case, your GoPro will float if you drop it, and the case provides additional padding in case you drop it on any hard surface.

Backdoor floaties used to be a good option for GoPros, until they started putting LCD screens on the back of the cameras. Now if you want to use a backdoor floaty, you either need to buy a separate backdoor piece, or stick the floaty to your LCD screen (not a good option).

With our Floating Case, just slide it over your GoPro like a smartphone case. (Compatible with GoPro 7, 6, and 5). The Floaty Case doesn’t cover the back LCD touch screen, so you can still see and touch the display.

When the Floaty Case is on your GoPro, you can still use all your other accessories, like mouth mount, chest mount, head mount, poles, grips, and other harnesses.

And unlike other companies, we include screen and lens protectors for your GoPro!
(Compatible with GoPro HERO7 Black, HERO6, and HERO5)

These protect from scratches, while keeping water drops off your lens and screen.

– 1 Ho Stevie! Floaty Case for GoPro 7, 6, or 5
– 1 Long Thumbscrew
– 1 Touch-Screen Protector
– 1 Lens Protector

Join thousands of Ho Stevie! fans, and protect your GoPro!

📷 DON’T LOSE YOUR GOPRO and VIDEO MEMORIES – Your GoPro cost hundreds of dollars, and your memories are priceless. If your GoPro falls to the bottom of the ocean, your camera and memories are gone forever. Our Floaty Case will float and protect your GoPro HERO7, HERO6, or HERO5.
👀 VIEWABLE SCREEN – Floaty Case does not block the LCD screen on the back of your GoPro, so you can still see and touch the display. PERFECT AUDIO – Floating Case has holes where the microphones are on your GoPro, for unobstructed sound recording.
👍 EASY TO PUT ON – Don’t hassle with a backdoor, don’t stick anything to your GoPro. Just put it over your GoPro camera like a smartphone case. Perfect for surfing or other water activities. WORKS WITH GOPRO MOUTH MOUNT AND OTHER ACCESSORIES like head mount, chest mount, poles, grips, and other harnesses. Long thumbscrew included for easier use.
💚 HIGH VISIBILITY – Green color Floaty Case is easy to spot when your GoPro is floating in the water.
🎁 SCREEN PROTECTORS INCLUDED – Screen and Lens Protectors work with GoPro Hero 7 Black, Hero 6, and Hero 5 cameras. Protect your screen and lens from scratches, while keeping water drops off. Touch-screen on your GoPro works like normal, with the screen protector.

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