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The best GoPro: How To Use GoPro MAX top rated and best prices


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LEARN everything you need to know to MASTER your GoPro MAX 360 camera in this guide book from THE #1 AMAZON BEST SELLING AUTHOR ON how to use GoPro CAMERAS.

Written specifically for GoPro Max, this is the perfect guide book for anyone who wants to learn how to use the GoPro Max camera to capture unique 360 and traditional videos and photos.

Through the following SEVEN STEPS, you will understand your camera and learn how to create professional-quality photos and videos.
*STEP ONE- Get To Know GoPro MAX
Learn how to operate the basic functions of your new camera, use features like Voice Control, and utilize the GoPro App to enhance your filming experience.

*STEP TWO- The Settings
Understand the modes and learn when to choose specific photo and video settings for both 360 spherical content and traditional media.

*STEP THREE- Mounting
Learn valuable tips about the unique mounting techniques and equipment needed to create videos and photos that will amaze.

*STEP FOUR- Capture Your Action
Learn inside tips about filming in 360, lighting, exposure, filming techniques, how to achieve the best results possible with the GoPro Max camera and much more.

*STEP FIVE- Editing
Creating beautiful photos and videos is the goal and in this section, you will learn how to edit your photos and videos like a pro. Step-by-step instructions walk you through the editing.

*STEP SIX- Sharing Your Vision
In this step, learn the many ways to watch and share your edited 360 photos and videos.

*STEP SEVEN- Take It Further
Once you’ve learned the basics of your MAX camera and are hooked, this section gives you tips to do even more with your camera.

This book is perfect for beginners, but also provides in depth knowledge that will be useful for intermediate camera users.

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