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The best Freewell Bright Day – 4K Series – 4Pack ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL, ND64/PL Camera Lens Filters Compatible with Sony RX0 II/Sony RX0 top rated and best prices


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How does it help?

The Bright Day Filters Kit compatible with Sony RXO II from Freewell Gear is an excellent choice for amateurs who wish to capture professional-quality footage with their Sony RXO II. It is also the perfect solution for professional cinematographers for getting cinematic footage, with the right balance of contrast and colors.

The Freewell Gear Bright Day Filters set compatible with Sony RXO II contains four (4) hybrid (ND/PL) filters, meant to help improve the quality of footage captured in bright daytime conditions.

The ND (Neutral Density) aspect of these hybrid filters is designed to slow down the camera’s shutter speed. This is helpful in reducing the amount of light hitting the camera sensor, and in turn, allowing you to capture the desired natural ‘blur’ effect in your footages.

On the other hand, the PL (Polarizing Lens) aspect of this hybrid filter is responsible for removing the unwanted glare from naturally reflective surfaces, when shooting outdoors. In all, the hybrid filters (ND/PL) help to capture crystal-clear images and footages in bright sunny daylight conditions.


Hybrid ND8/PL compatible with Sony RX0 II / Sony RX0

The Freewell ND8/PL hybrid filter restricts the amount of light that enters your camera lens by 3 f-stops to help capture sharp. clearer images even in bright sunny conditions also helps eliminate unwanted glare that can otherwise impair the quality of your footage or image.


Hybrid ND16/PL compatible with Sony RX0 II / Sony RX0

The Freewell ND16/PL hybrid filter reduces the amount of light that enters your camera sensor by 4 f-stops. This filter helps capture well-balanced, cinematic images in very bright sunlight conditions, especially in the afternoon and early morning. the filter also offers protection from unwanted reflections on windows or bodies of water


Hybrid ND32/PL compatible with Sony RX0 II / Sony RX0

The Freewell ND32/PL filter decreases your camera’s shutter speed by 5 f-stops to help capture sharp, vividly-colourful images in the brightest sunlight conditions. With this filter, you can also capture the much-desired ‘motion blur’ effect to give your footage a truly cinematic look. It also protects your images from unwanted glare from natural, light-reflecting surfaces.


Hybrid ND64/PL compatible with Sony RX0 II / Sony RX0

The Freewell ND64/PL hybrid filter slows the shutter speed of your camera to its lowest. Use this hybrid filter to add the ‘motion blur’ effect you also helps prevent unwanted reflections from windows, snow, bodies of water, ect. from spoiling the quality of the images you take.

– Optical Glass: Premium 4K Series- 16Layers Multicoated best in class optical glass Waterproof, Dustproof, Scratchproof, Oilproof filter to take stunning images
– Construction: CNC ring used in construction with lightweight material
– What’s is included: Bright Day Filter Kits – ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL, ND64/PL
– Polarization Indicator: Each ND/PL, CPL Filters are marked with polarization indicator on the rotating frame & base indicating the strongest polarization angle
– Installation: SNAP-ON/OFF system for easily attaching/detaching

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