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Fire Cam Police and Fire Solutions Fire Helmet Cameras BlackJack Flashlight MountFire Cam Police and Fire Solutions Fire Helmet Cameras BlackJack Flashlight Mount

Fire helmet cameras have proven invaluable for modern emergency operations, with the resulting footage frequently used for training and investigations. Our fire helmet cameras are designed by firefighters and set industry standards for optics, video recording and reliability. The Fire Cam Onyx 4K, 1080 and Mini1080 capture high definition photos and videos, yet weigh just a few ounces and can be mounted to any fire helmet. These fire helmet cams feature improved low light performance, increased battery life and a wider lens angle compared to previous models. Two end caps are included, one cap allows for audio recording of surroundings including radio traffic and one for underwater use up to 30 feet. Micro SD memory card and USB cable included to connect camera directly to computer. Made of heat resistant anodized aluminum and a heat resistant glass lens specifically designed for interior firefighting, these cameras can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit for short periods of time. They are not recommended for training burn buildings or flashover buildings where firefighters sustain high heat temperatures for long periods of time while observing fire behavior. It is designed for interior firefighters that suppress fire conditions and cool the fire. Individual camera parts are replaceable allowing for years of use and optional mounting styles available.

EACH CAMERA PURCHASE INCLUDES: 32gb U1 micro SD card with adaptor, 2 rechargeable 3.7V Li-Po batteries, BlackJack Fire Cam mount for US style helmets, water resistant cap for audio, waterproof cap (no audio), spare waterproof O-rings, USB cable with AC wall charger.

firefighter helmet camera fire cam firecamfirefighter helmet camera fire cam firecam

Fire Cam Onyx 4K

The NEW Fire Cam ONYX 4K Fire Helmet Camera is the newest Professional 4K Fire Helmet Camera we have built for interior and exterior firefighting. The camera lens is made with the highest quality 4K sensor for excellent video in normal and low light conditions. Provides a wide angle view and optional settings including date and time stamp on video.

Recording in “TRUE” 4K@30fps, 1080@120fps or 1080@60fps High Definition, the Fire Cam ONYX makes this fire helmet camera a must have for clear-cut videos. The Fire Cam ONYX is specifically designed for interior firefighters that want to capture incidents for investigation, review or critiquing after the fire.

Fire Cam 1080Fire Cam 1080

Fire Cam 1080

The Fire Cam 1080 Fire Helmet Camera is a professional high definition fire camera we have designed for firefighters. Featuring an updated high quality 1080 HD Sony sensor for a crisp and clear video that also produces a wider angle view and excellent capturing of footage in low light conditions. Has 20% more battery life than the older model, having 105 minutes of recording time. Adjustable settings are now available including date time stamp option, video recording save segments, video resolution 1080p or 720p, loop recording option, audio ON/OFF, auto power off. Selecting 1080p @ 30fps shoots cystal clear HD video and 720p @ 60fps produces amazing slow motion shots!

Fire Cam MINI 1080Fire Cam MINI 1080

Fire Cam MINI 1080

This Fire Cam MINI 1080 Fire Helmet Camera compares closely to the features of the larger Fire Cam 1080 including automatic low light adjustment. The Fire Cam Mini 1080 has a one hour battery life (comes with 2 batteries). With side by side videos, you can barely tell the difference between the two. The Fire Cam Mini 1080 Fire Helmet Camera is the smallest High Definition Fire Helmet Cameras we have designed yet. Adjustable settings include date time stamp option, video recording save segments, video resolution 1080p or 720p, loop recording option, audio ON/OFF, auto power off.

BlackJack Flashlight MountBlackJack Flashlight Mount

BlackJack Flashlight Mounts

Fire Cam now manufactures Blackjack Flashlight Holders for your fire helmet. You’ve got a tough job to do. You need to think about the safety of others more than you need to think about fixing your flashlight – our helmet flashlight holders help with that. These BlackJack helmet mounts keep your light and camera where you put it… shining where you need it. Four aluminium models to cover all varieties of flashlights. BlackJack Global Mounts, made of heat resistant thermoplastic, are also available for EU style fire helmets

Specifically Designed by Fire Cam for Firefighting *Professional Grade Heat and Water Resistant *Underwater Use Down to 33FT
Compact Design High Definition 1080p @ 30fps AND 720p @ 60fps Wide Angle View
Video/Photo Mode, Adjustable Settings include Time/Date Stamp, Auto Pwr Off, Audio Record, Loop Record, Video Quality
Now includes a 32gb U1 micro SD Card with adapter for longer recording time.
BlackJack Fire Cam Mount included for US style fire helmets or any brim style helmet *Other mounting options available

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