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The best BOIFUN 4K 20MP Webcam PC Mode Anti-Shake Underwater Action Sport Wi-Fi Camera with External Microphone Waterproof 40 Meters Remote Control and 20 Accessories top rated and best prices


Price: $49.99 - $44.99
(as of Sep 06,2020 19:38:13 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Specifications: Electronic Image Stabilization/ Still Photo/ Burst Photo/ Time Lapse Video/ Slow Motion Video/ Loop Recording/ Dash Cam Mode/ White Balance/ ISO/ Audio Record/ Micro HDMI/ Micro USB

Warm Tip: Samsung 64GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Micro SD Card is Highly Recommended for BOIFUN 4K Action Camera (Micro SD card is not included). Please format the card (not included) in the camera before using this action camera.

Note: The working temperature for this action camera is 23 °F/-5°C to 113 °F/45°C.

Package Included: 1x BOIFUN 4K Action Camera/ 2x 1200mAh Batteries/ 1x Waterproof Case/ 1x Remote Control / 1x Bicycle Stand/ 10x Mount/ 2x Helmet Mount/ 1x Bandages/ 5x Tethers/ 1 x Protective Backdoor/ 1x USB Cable/ 1x Lens Cloth/ 1x Quick Reference Guide/ 1x Frame

BOIFUN SPC01: Your first VLOG action cameraBOIFUN SPC01: Your first VLOG action camera

BOIFUN SPC01: Your first VLOG action camera

BOIFUN BF-SPC01: A VLOG action camera designed to record your daily life as well as outdoor sports.

We studied the market and found that there is an urgent need for an action camera that is suitable for both sports and daily life (VLOG) recording something

Why should you choose BOIFUN SPC01 as your VLOG camera?

It records in Ultra HD 4K 30fps and 20MP resolution.Built-in 6-Axis anti-shake digital algorithm corrects vibrations in real-time.Comes with a high-fidelity microphone which contributes to clearer sound recording.The rugged and waterproof case makes it possible to use BOIFUN cam around water and down to 40 meters underwater.Multiple shooting modes, cover all the needs for daily use, such as selfie, cycling, climbing, running, diving and so on.Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to control the cam and download your videos from the cam to your phone without using wireless data, anytime and anywhere. You can share your VLOG instantly.

Time Lapse sport cameraTime Lapse sport camera

Time-lapse Video Mode

Time-lapse video makes it possible to turn longer activities into shareable moments. When you want to record the change of stars, action camera offers an unconventional way to explore the procession.

Slow Motion Waterproof CameraSlow Motion Waterproof Camera

Slow Motion Video Mode

Slow motion video applis to record the wonderful moment which happens in a flash. Whether you’re throwing snowball with friends or playing in swimming pool, you won’t miss any details.

Dash action camDash action cam

Dash Cam Mode

The BOIFUN action camera is also a good companion as a dash-cam. It’s car mode, loop recording and upside-down mode enable you to capture road conditions and license plate details for your safety.

Self Timer ModeSelf Timer Mode

Self Timer Mode

After setting the shooting time interval, BOIFUN will automatically take a picture after it. You have abundant time to get a satisfied gesture and choose perfect background.

Time Lapse sport cameraTime Lapse sport camera

Slow Motion Waterproof CameraSlow Motion Waterproof Camera

Dash action camDash action cam

Self Timer ModeSelf Timer Mode

Stunning 4K Ultra HD Video and 20MP PhotoStunning 4K Ultra HD Video and 20MP Photo

High Fidelity External MicrophoneHigh Fidelity External Microphone

EIS Stabilization Anti-shake SystemEIS Stabilization Anti-shake System

Stunning 4K Ultra HD Video and 20MP Photo

BOIFUN BF-SPC01 captures stunning 4K/2.7K/1080p videos, plus up to 20MP photos of all your adventures. Great for recording your own VLOG.

2.5mm External Microphone

The BOIFUN action camera comes with a 2.5mm external lapel microphone. It allows you to record sound for outdoor sports and record voice-overs at much higher Hi-Fi quality.

Smart EIS Image Stabilization

Built-in 6-Axis anti-shake digital algorithm corrects vibrations in real-time. It prevents image blur and ensures higher recording quality while shooting fast-moving object.(NOTE: EIS could only be used below 4K/30FPS)

Rugged and waterproof case(up to 40 meters)Rugged and waterproof case(up to 40 meters)

2.4G Remote Control2.4G Remote Control

Wi-Fi Action CameraWi-Fi Action Camera

Rugged and waterproof case(up to 40 meters)

The rugged and waterproof case makes it possible to use BOIFUN underwater cam in a variety of water environments. It goes where smartphones can’t go and captures every adventure without worry.

2.4G Remote Control

2.4GHz wireless wrist remote control lets you easily operate the camera while skiing, cycling, surfing, etc. A 10-meter wireless remote reduces the restriction of distance and frees your hands. Wireless Remote also allows your kids to easily control the camera with just two buttons. The remote is not waterproof.

Control, View, Download and Share with Wi-Fi Connected

Wi-Fi function enables you to operate or preview the images in real-time. Media can be downloaded from the camera to your phone without using wireless data, anytime and anywhere. VLOGs can be shared instantly.

Longer Battery LifeLonger Battery Life

Over 20 AccessoriesOver 20 Accessories

Adjustable ISOAdjustable ISO

Longer Battery Life ( 2*1200mAh )

The camera comes with two 1200mAh batteries, which are higher capacity and work longer than standard 1050mAh batteries. The batteries are rechargeable and swappable giving you more options during your activities.

Over 20 Accessories

To meet different demands for various situations, we supplied the cam with over 20 accessories, giving you many options when swimming, cycling, climbing or during other outdoor activities.

Adjustable Brightness (ISO)

The BOIFUN action camera adopts ISO technology to adjust the light sensitivity giving you more professional photography options.

Webcam Mode: Only need to contact our official email box, then your cam will have webcam mode after updating with file. Convenient for Video Calling, Live Streaming, Conference, Video Lessons, Online Exams.
EXTERNAL MICROPHONE and WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL : With the 2.5mm external microphone, action camera will capture your sound from all directions with crisp details easily. Then it could maintain the effect of Hi-Fi and noise reduction, which greatly enhance the audio quality. Equipped with a remote control , it’s possible to free your hands and record pictures or videos in the place where you can’t reach. Or just try different view to record your life.
EIS STABLIZATION ANTI-SHAKE and 40 METERS WATERPROOF : EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) adopts Six-axis anti-shake technology to deliver steady and smooth videos, that ensures excellent experience in up to 4K/30fps resolution. Rugged waterproof camera case enables you to explore amazing underwater scenery. Therefor, please feel free to recording when you are cycling, travelling, hiking, jogging, swimming, surfing, fishing, skating, skinning, diving.
MORE FUNNY RECORD FUNCTIONS DESERVE to BE DISCOVERD : Besides 170 degree wide angle apply in car recording and large scene photographing. There are many interesting recording functions of BOIFUN action camera, such as time-lapse video, loop recording, slow motion, burst photo, and self timer . In this way, based on different shooting background, you can change different recording modes to make your pictures and video more funny.

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